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John William Ross (1813-1860) – Part 3

The probate process was not started on the John William Ross estate until the end of September 1860. Neither John or his wife, Christenia, had wills, so their son-in-law, Robert Abrams, was appointed as Administrator on 29 September 1860 in Champaign County, Ohio.

John P. Leonard was appointed as guardian to the minor heirs of John W. Ross on 7 December 1860.

Transcription of Guardian Appointment

John P. Leonard Chosen & Appt Guardian }
}    Letters Granted
The Minor heirs of John W. Ross ded          }    This day Marcellus
Ross Euphemia Ross
and Marietta Ross in open court personally chose Jno.
P. Leonard for their Guardian whereupon the Court
appointed him the said Jno. P. Leonard Guardian for
them the said Marcellus Ross aged 18 years June 3rd 1860
Euphemia Ross aged 16 years June 10th 1860 Marietta Ross
aged 14 years June 15th 1860 & John Nelson Ross aged 12 years
November 15th 1860 Emily Catharine Ross aged 10 years Sept.
8th 1860 Wm J. Ross aged 8 years Jany 30th 1860 Florence
J. Ross aged 6 years Oct. 24th 1860 Elmira H. Ross aged 4
years July 19th 1860 Thomas Clason Ross aged 2 years May 4th 1860
Minor heirs and legal representatives of John W. Ross decd.
Ordered that the said Guar=
dian give bonds as Guardian of Marcellus and Euphemia
Ross in three hundred dollars each and for Maritta
Ross in four hundred dollars for John Nelson Ross in
Eight hundred dollars for Emily Catharine Ross in Seven
hundred dollars for Wm J. Florence J. and Elmira H.
Ross in one thousand dollars each and for Thomas
Clason Ross in fifteen hundred dollars with Robt.
Abrams John T. Wilson and John S. Leedom as his Sureties in
each bond with conditions according to law and there=
=upon the Said Jno. P. Leonard in open Court accepted
Said appointment gave bonds accordingly and received
from the Court, Letters of Guardianship over his Said

John W. Ross, Children’s Guardianship Document

Robert filed the settlement of accounts in court on 28 March 1863. The estate was valued at $854.74 before it was dispersed to creditors and set aside for the children.



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John William Ross (1813-1860) – Part 2

John William Ross married Christenia Wambaugh on 1 September 1836 in Champaign County, Ohio.

Marriage of John W. Ross and Christenia Wambaugh, 1836

Christenia Wambaugh was the daughter of Paul and Hannah (Johnson) Wambaugh, born on 8 March 1817 in New Jersey. Her family moved to Ohio when she was a baby, as her brother was born in 1818 in Ohio.

John and Christenia’s first child was a daughter, Elizabeth, born 29 August 1837. Their second child was also a daughter, Hannah, born 16 September 1839, but Hannah died just nine months later on 11 June 1840.* Two years later, in June, they had a son named Marcellus. Marcellus was followed by nine more children over the next eighteen years.

In 1850, the family was living with John’s mother, Elizabeth (Hayden) Ross, in Harrison township. Elizabeth was 68 and she died that same year.

John bought land in Champaign County the following year. He was recorded in two deeds, one with Amos Chester and the other with Paul Wambaugh, his wife’s brother. Actually, he was a brother-in-law twice over since Paul had married John’s sister, Hannah.

John died on 10 April 1860 of lung fever. His family was living in Adams, Champaign County, Ohio. John’s death was listed in the 1860 Mortality Census. The rest of the family was in the 1860 census in June with Christenia as head of the family. Marcellus was the oldest child living at home at the age of eighteen and Thomas Clason was the youngest at the age of two.

Just a few months later, on 5 September 1860, Christenia and a baby girl died in childbirth.**

John William and Christenia had the following children:

  • Elizabeth Ross was born 29 August 1837 in Ohio and died 3 May 1908.
  • Hannah Ross was born 16 September 1839 and died 11 June 1840. *Please note that Hannah was listed on, Family Tree, but no other documentation has been found.
  • Marcellus D. Ross was born 3 June 1842 and died 1 October 1909.
  • Euphemia Ross was born in June 1845 and died 1 October 1922 in Logan County, Ohio.
  • Marietta Ross was born about 1846 and died 30 September 1914 in Olympia, Thurston, Washington.
  • John Nelson Ross was born 15 November 1848 and died 2 September 1914 in Des Moines, Boone, Iowa.
  • Emily Catherine Ross was born 8 October 1850 and died 12 October 1931.
  • William Johnson Ross was born about 1853 and died in 1920.
  • Florence Jane Ross was born about 1855.
  • Elmira Hayden Ross was born July 1856 and died 14 May 1925 in Logan County, Ohio.
  • Thomas Clason Ross was born 4 May 1858 and died 20 July 1921 in Logan County, Ohio.
  • Addie Ross was born and died on 5 September 1860 in Champaign County, Ohio.
    **Please note that Addie was listed on, Family Tree, but no other documentation has been found.


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John William Ross (1813-1860) – Part 1

John William Ross was born on 25 August 1813 to William and Elizabeth (Hayden) Ross in Ohio. He was the third child and first son to be born into the family.

The Ross family was living in Sycamore, Hamilton County, Ohio for the 1820 census. The listing for William Ross showed marks for the following persons:

  • 4 males less than 10 years old     (Daniel 1, Christopher 3, John 7, ?)
  • 1 male 26 to 44 years old             (William 41)
  • 3 females less than 10 years old  (Jennett 5, Nancy 7, Eliza 8)
  • 1 female 26 to 44 years old          (Elizabeth 38)

The census listed four boys less than 10 years, but I have not found any other male child added in with the other children in any records and he was not in the 1830 census. There could have been an error at the time the census was taken or perhaps there was another son who died before the next census or another child may have been living with the family for a short time.

Hamilton County, Ohio, 1847

Ten years later the family was listed in the Symmes, Hamilton County, Ohio 1830 census. The listing for William Ross showed marks for the following persons:

  • 1 male 5 to 9 years old   (William 5)
  • 2 males 10 to 14 years old   (Daniel 11, Christopher 13)
  • 1 male 15 to 19 years old    (John 17)
  • 1 male 50 to 59 year old    (William 51)
  • 2 females 5 to 9 years old (Hannah 8, Mary Ann 9/10)
  • 1 female 10-14 years old (Jennett 14/15)
  • 2 females 15-19 years old (Nancy 17, Eliza 18)
  • 1 female 40-49 years old (Elizabeth 48)

Not long after the 1830 census, the family moved north to Champaign County, Ohio. John’s father, William, died in Champaign County early in 1834. His wife, Elizabeth, was appointed Administratrix 27 March 1834 and administration papers for his estate were filed with Champaign County in April 1834.


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