A Marriage Found – The Ross/Hayden Marriage 1811

A few days ago, in the William Ross article, I mentioned that I could not find anything about William’s marriage to Elizabeth Hayden. Of course, that led me to focus on it intently. I went through all of the books at the FHL that had Hamilton County, Ohio early marriages. I finally found a reference to it.

Marjorie Byrnside Burress edited a book called A Collection of Pioneer Marriage Records Hamilton County, Ohio, 1789-1817, Volume 1 in 1978. She self-published it in Cincinnati, Ohio. The book is a collection of notes made by John D. Caldwell, a former Cincinnati historian.

On page 61 of Marjorie’s book is this entry:

Ross, William and Elizabeth Heyden, (near Mar.-June) 1811 by Rev. Daniel Hayden.

Rev. Daniel Hayden was Elizabeth’s older brother. He was born in Redstone, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on 9 April 1781. He was the minister of the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church in Hamilton County, Pennsylvania.

So one question is answered, but then another comes into focus. The Hayden Ancestry of Warren Sherman Hayden by Louis Effingham De Forest published in 1936 notes that Elizabeth married William Whitaker of Hamilton County, Ohio without any further information. Could this be an error? Or was she married twice? She was about 29 when she married William, so it is possible that he was her second husband. So far I have not been able to find this William Whitaker.

If anyone has further information on Elizabeth Hayden’s marriage or marriages, I would love to hear about it. Thanks.


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