Obediah Woodall – (ca. 1770 – 1849) – Part 1

Obediah Woodall was born about 1770 in Colonial Virginia. His father was David Woodall, a soldier in the Revolutionary War. A newspaper article from 1903 in the Farmville Herald mentions the Woodall brothers and an interesting family story.

“… The Woodall’s came to Buckingham about 1775 from Fairfax county on the Potomac river. George Washington, when he was surveying Lord Fairfax’s grant, boarded with the Woodall family and formed a strong attachment to the three brothers, Isaac, Obadiah and Nathan, engaging with them in athletic sports, especially wrestling, during his leisure hours. While wrestling with Isaac one day he accidentally threw him across a rail pile dislocating his hip and thereby crippling him for life.
When Washington was appointed generalissimo of the continental army, Nathan Woodall followed him to the war and acted on his staff as one of his aids. He was killed in the battle of Brandywine. The other two brothers, Isaac and Obadiah, came to Buckingham as aforesaid and settled in a bend of the Appomattox river called Devil’s Elbow. It is west of Fool’s Corner and is a romantic spot. They commenced farming and married, Obadiah leading to the Hymenial alter Miss Mollie Cason, the female Amison of Wood’s mountain, who could throw any of the boys who dared to wrestle with her and could carry fifteen gallons of water on her head in a tub up a steep hill and was the terror of all would be aggressors. On one occasion, after her husband’s death, Sheriff W. W. Forbes engaged with her in a scuffle over a negro girl he had levied, and was reluctantly compelled to draw his pistol in order to rid himself of the difficulty… – Robert Hales, M. D.”

The earliest record that I have found Obediah’s name in Buckingham County is the 1800 Tax List. He paid taxes for one man and two horses.

Sources and Notes:

Daughters of the American Revolution, Genealogical Research System, database (http://www.dar.org: accessed Jun 2017), David Woodall entry.

“Would-Be Resurrection of the Woodall Pipe,” Farmville Herald (Farmville, Virginia), 27 March 1903, col. 5.

Edythe Rucker Whitley, compiler, Genealogical Records of Buckingham County, Virginia (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1984), 39.


2 thoughts on “Obediah Woodall – (ca. 1770 – 1849) – Part 1

    1. jfoster Post author

      Hi Wayne,
      Thank you for your comments. That is really interesting. The newspaper article definitely made it sound as if it was George Washington before he was a General. This is the first I’ve heard of a George Washington Woodall that early. The two that I have were born in 1832 and 1888. I’ll have to keep an eye out for an earlier one.
      It would have had to have been in the late 1700s as Isaac was born about 1768 and Obediah was born about 1770. (Of course, as a family story, there may be a certain amount of embroidery.)



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