Obediah Woodall – (ca. 1770 – 1849) – Part 3

When last we visited Obediah, his father, David, had died leaving Obediah about 140 acres on Duckers Creek in about 1830.

In 1840, Obediah was listed in the census in the Southern District of Buckingham County.

U.S. federal census. Year: 1840; location: Southern District, Buckingham County, Virginia; p. 372.

1 male 60 to 69 years old (Obediah 70)
1 female 40 to 49 years old (Mildred 50)
1 male slave 10 to 23 years old
3 persons total

Obediah, now listed as Senior, was noted in 1841 as still owning 120 acres on Duckers Creek. He sold land in 1844 to George Duncan, M.B., and Archibald Gill. Then in 1847, he bought 119 and 1/2 acres on Stage Road from Francis Thornton.

Obediah’s mother-in-law, Sarah (Beasley) Cason, and her family were attempting to prove that William Cason, her husband, was a Revolutionary soldier and that she should receive a pension. This was in accordance with the Act of Congress of the 7th July 1838 that “granted half pay and pensions to certain widows.” Sarah died in 1840 before the case was proved and for a while, her son, Fuqua, continued with the attempt.

In 1846, Obediah signed an affidavit to help with the case.

The affidavit of Obediah Woodall taken
to establish the Pension Claim of Sarah
Cason widow of William Cason Decd.
who states that he lived in the neigh=
borhood of William Cason deceased
in his life time in the County of
Buckingham State of Virginia and
help make his Coffin and bury him
when he died and from the best
of his recollection he believes he the
said Wm Cason died on the
Second monday in March 1816
but does not recollect the day of
the months and the reason why
he recollects it was on the second
Monday is, that he died on
Buckingham Court day which
comes on the second monday of
of the month

Obediah (his X mark) Woodall

State of Virginia Buckingham County SS
The foregoing affidavit of Obediah
Woodall was sworn to and subscribed
before me a Justice of the Peace in
and for the County and State aforesaid
in due form of law. — I further
certify that he is a creditable person
and that his statement is entitled
to full credit — Given under my
hand this the 17th day of January 1846.

Ch M Shimay [initialed]

(See original Obediah Woodall Affidavit, 1846.)

Obediah died in September 1849. The only record I have found of the event is the 1850 Mortality census record. It lists:

Obadiah Woodall, 80 years old, Male, born Buckingham, died September, farmer, died of Palsey

1850 Mortality Census, Obediah Woodall

In 1850, Mildred Woodall sold 119 and 1/2 acres to James Woodall, Obediah’s son.

Notes and Sources:

Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, microfilm publication M804, (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration), roll 495, pension number R1672,  for Sarah Cason, widow of William Cason, Virginia. (http://www.fold3.com: 2017)

Roger G. Ward, Land Tax Summaries & Implied Deeds, Vol. 3 (Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Company, 1994).

U.S. federal census mortality schedule. Year: 1850; location: District 2, Buckingham County, Virginia; p. 126.


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