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A Marriage Found – The Ross/Hayden Marriage 1811

A few days ago, in the William Ross article, I mentioned that I could not find anything about William’s marriage to Elizabeth Hayden. Of course, that led me to focus on it intently. I went through all of the books at the FHL that had Hamilton County, Ohio early marriages. I finally found a reference to it.

Marjorie Byrnside Burress edited a book called A Collection of Pioneer Marriage Records Hamilton County, Ohio, 1789-1817, Volume 1 in 1978. She self-published it in Cincinnati, Ohio. The book is a collection of notes made by John D. Caldwell, a former Cincinnati historian.

On page 61 of Marjorie’s book is this entry:

Ross, William and Elizabeth Heyden, (near Mar.-June) 1811 by Rev. Daniel Hayden.

Rev. Daniel Hayden was Elizabeth’s older brother. He was born in Redstone, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on 9 April 1781. He was the minister of the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church in Hamilton County, Pennsylvania.

So one question is answered, but then another comes into focus. The Hayden Ancestry of Warren Sherman Hayden by Louis Effingham De Forest published in 1936 notes that Elizabeth married William Whitaker of Hamilton County, Ohio without any further information. Could this be an error? Or was she married twice? She was about 29 when she married William, so it is possible that he was her second husband. So far I have not been able to find this William Whitaker.

If anyone has further information on Elizabeth Hayden’s marriage or marriages, I would love to hear about it. Thanks.


William Ross (1779-1834)

William Ross, was born in Pennsylvania on 16 January 1779. He was probably born in Milford, which at that time was a part of Cumberland County. There is a record of his father, John Ross, being in Milford in 1780.

William Ross was born to John and Jeanette (Irwin) Ross. He was the oldest child, and since he was born 16 January 1779, his parents were probably married about 1778. His father was in the Cumberland County Militia during 1780 and 1781.

The area that the Ross family was living in became Mifflin County on 19 September 1789. So the Ross family was listed in the 1790 census living in Mifflin County. (The area became a part of Juniata County in 1831.)

U.S. federal census. Year: 1790, Location: Mifflin, Pennsylvania; p. 137.

John Ross;
4 males under 16 (William 11, James 9, George 3)
1 male 16 and over (John 33)
3 females (Jeanette 30, Ann 7, Hannah 5)
8 persons total

William was still living with his parents in 1800 when he was 21. Sometime after that, he went west. DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) list that William married Elizabeth Hayden on 14 March 1811. Elizabeth’s family was living in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in 1800. However, her father, Christopher Hayden, paid taxes in Hamilton County, Ohio in 1808.

Possibly Elizabeth remained in Pennsylvania for a few years and then came to Ohio with William after they were married. Or they may have been married after they were both in Ohio. The timing does not quite mesh with dates listed on some of the family records. (*Check this update on William and Elizabeth’s marriage.)

William and Elizabeth were in Sycamore, Hamilton County, Ohio for the 1820 census. The listing for William Ross showed marks for the following persons:

U.S. federal census. Year: 1820; Location: Sycamore, Hamilton, Ohio; p. 282.

4 males less than 10 years old     (Daniel 1, Christopher 3, John 7, ?)
1 male 26 to 44 years old             (William 41)
3 females less than 10 years old  (Jennett 5, Nancy 7, Eliza 8)
1 female 26 to 44 years old          (Elizabeth 38)

The census listed four boys less than 10 years, but I have not found any other male child added in with the other children in any records and he was not in the 1830 census. There could have been an error at the time the census was taken or perhaps there was another son who died before the next census or another child may have been living with the family for a short time.

Ten years later the family was listed in the Symmes, Hamilton County, Ohio 1830 census. The listing for William Ross showed marks for the following persons:

U.S. federal census. Year: 1830; Location: Symmes, Hamilton, Ohio; p. 195.

1 male 5 to 9 years old   (William 5)
2 males 10 to 14 years old   (Daniel 11, Christopher 13)
1 male 15 to 19 years old    (John 17)
1 male 50 to 59 year old    (William 51)
2 females 5 to 9 years old (Hannah 8, Mary Ann 9/10)
1 female 10-14 years old (Jennett 14/15)
2 females 15-19 years old (Nancy 17, Eliza 18)
1 female 40-49 years old (Elizabeth 48)

By 1832 William and Elizabeth were living in Champaign County. William bought land from Layton Pollock and Isaiah Fuson on the 15th of March that year. William and Elizabeth sold land to Samuel B. Neill on 20 November 1833. Then on 10 January 1834 William and Elizabeth sold land to John Ward.

William Ross died in March 1834 in Springhills, Champaign County, Ohio. William died intestate, or without a will, so his wife Elizabeth was named Administrator of his estate.

Elizabeth was listed in the 1840 census in Harrison, Champaign County with three of her children. Then in 1850, she was living with her son, John and his family in Harrison.

Elizabeth died in 1850 in Springhills, Champaign, Ohio.

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

  • *Eliza Ross was born on 20 January 1812 and died in 1831 in Champaign, Ohio.
  • *Nancy Thompson Ross was born on 23 March 1813 in Ohio and died 9 July 1832 in Champaign, Ohio.
  • John William Ross was born 25 August 1813 in Warren County, Ohio and died 10 April 1860 in Adams, Champaign, Ohio.
  • Jennett Ross was born 28 December 1815 in Ohio and died 10 January 1895 in Webber, Jewell, Kansas.
  • Christopher Hayden Ross was born 8 September 1817 in Ohio and died 1838 in Ohio.
  • Daniel Ross was born 30 Aug 1819 and died 1838.
  • Mary Ann Clendenen Ross was born 23 December 1820 in Ohio and she died 29 September 1854 in Champaign County, Ohio.
  • Hannah Ross was born 26 Oct 1822 in Ohio and she died 19 August 1854 in Westerville, Franklin County, Ohio.
  • William James Ross was born 15 April 1825 and died 2 October 1855.

* The dates on the two oldest daughters have not been confirmed. Also, the birth dates between Nancy and John seem to be too close.


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