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Side Trips in Genealogical Research

One of the road hazards of genealogy research is the lure of side trips. A particular question might come up that I am curious about or an oddity of place, year or name will grab my attention. The most recent example of a side trip was an interest in Euphemia’s son, John Garwood Ross.

Most of the other children spent their lives in Ohio, but John left Ohio in the early 1900s and moved to California. I wondered just when he had left Ohio to head west and looked for him in the 1900 census. He was on the census, still living in Logan County, Ohio. He was listed with a wife of two years, Althea M. He also had a new baby son about two months old; young enough not to have a name yet.

The next checkpoint was the 1910 census. This time the family was in California living in Fresno. Their son had been named James. John was working for the railroad and Althea was working as a fruit packer. The census listed two other people living with them, Sarah V. and Albert M. Sweet, John’s mother-in-law and brother-in-law. That meant Althea’s maiden name was Sweet. I remembered finding that name before, so I checked through my database and found that John’s great-aunt, Jennett Ross had married a Fielding H. Sweet.

So I followed Sarah V. Sweet (Althea’s mother) back through a couple of censuses to see who her husband had been. Sarah’s husband and Althea’s father was Sanford H. Sweet. Sanford turned out to be the son of Fielding H. Sweet and Jennett Ross. So John and Althea were second cousins.

Occasionally those side trips turn up interesting facets of family history.

(And no, I do not know for sure why they moved west, but it might have had something to do with John’s job with the railroad.)

Second Cousin Relationship of John Garwood Hewlings and Althea Maud Sweet.


Euphemia Ross (1845-1923)

Euphemia Ross was born in Ohio on 10 June 1845 to John William and Christenia (Wambaugh) Ross. She was six years old in the 1850 census and the middle child. She had an older sister and brother and a younger sister and brother that year. She was fifteen in 1860, the year that her parents died.

Four years later, in 1864, Euphemia married Abel Hewlings on 14 January 1864 in Champaign County, Ohio. Abel was the son of Joseph and Margaret Crabbe (Johns) Hewlings, born 31 May 1814 in Ohio. He was thirty years older than Euphemia. He was well established in the area owning over 500 acres, on which he both farmed and raised stock.

In the 1870 census, Abel and Euphemia had three children, John, Emma and Anna. Marietta Ross, Euphemia’s sister, was also living with them. They had four additional children in the 1880 census. All but the two youngest were in school.

Abel Hewlings died on 19 March 1898 in Champaign County. Abel died intestate or without a will, so his two sons, John Garwood and Joseph Clinton, administered his estate. Abel was buried in the Fairview Cemetery in West Liberty, Logan County, Ohio.

Euphemia continued to live in Harrison, and in 1900 her sons, Joseph and Walter were still single and living at home. In 1910 Euphemia was 65 and living with her son, Joseph and she continued to reside with him in the 1920 census.

Euphemia died on 1 Oct 1922 in Logan County, Ohio. She was buried with Abel in the Fairview Cemetery in West Liberty.

Abel and Euphemia had the following children:

  • John Garwood Hewlings was born in 1864 in Ohio and he died on 28 January 1930 in Los Angeles, California.
  • Emma Elizabeth Hewlings was born in 1865 in Ohio and she died in 1909.
  • Anna Maria Hewlings was born in September 1867 and she died on 15 March 1939 in West Liberty, Logan, Ohio.
  • Joseph Clinton Hewlings was born in July 1870 in Ohio.
  • Margaret Johns Hewlings was born about 1872 in Ohio and she died 1 August 1883.
  • Abel Walter Hewlings was born in Apr 1875 in Ohio.
  • Alice Ross Hewlings was born about 1879 in Ohio. She died 5 October 1883.


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